Key Points
  • Moving towards the 'The Internet of Value'
  • Developing an Adaptable Policy Framework that Evolves with Technology
  • Demonstrating the Transformational Potential of Distributed Ledge Technology Across the Economy
Guest of Honour

Patrick Spens Transformation and Assurance Director, PwC

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Over six months on from the publication of the Government’s Digital Strategy, which highlighted blockchain and smart contracts as one of the key technologies for Government focus, this event will provide an opportunity to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT’s); next steps for investment and innovation in start-up’s and demonstrator projects; and priorities for developing a regulatory framework which will underpin trust and integrity in emerging systems and can evolve alongside advances in technology.

‘The Internet of Value’

Understanding the disruptive capacity of DLT’s and examining how established intermediaries will and should respond; the challenges and opportunities presented by ‘smart permissions’; the implications for the monetisation and distribution of content in the digital age; and analysing the impact on existing transaction models and how both consumers and businesses might benefit.

Developing an Adaptable Policy Framework

Progress made since the publication of the Government Office of Science report Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond Blockchain; leveraging the Digital and Industrial Strategy framework to advance the UK’s DLT ecosystem; examining international policy trends and priorities for interoperability; and the role of Government, regulators and academia in developing and enforcing standards which support innovation and investment.

Demonstrating the Transformational Potential

Examining the viability of DLT’s across services and products in the UK economy; supporting demonstrator and proof-of-concept projects which establish the transformational potential across key sectors including banking and public service delivery; and supporting partnerships between academia, industry and the public sector to explore the benefits of distributed ledger technologies in real world scenarios.


Patrick Spens Transformation and Assurance Director, PwC

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Central London

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